Personal Training packages
to suit your needs


1:1 is the best way to get the most out of personal training.


Face to face and tailored programmes specific to your requirements means that Katie can deliver 360 degrees feedback and motivate you in the right way which will push you hard and help you to keep on track towards achieving your goals.



Training with a friend or partner maybe the best thing for you to bring out your competitive edge and work hard knowing that your training buddy is right behind you!


Katie is able to create programmes which can answer what you are looking to achieve even if training with someone else, it just potentially means you may push yourself to your limits that little bit more. She’s not complaining, this is a GREAT way to have fun and train hard!



Personal training in a group is a great social way of keeping fit and active. It’s fun to train with others and although you don’t get that 1:1 attention – you still will get specific help and encouragement throughout each and every session.


Katie is still able to point out where to tweak movement for clients to achieve better performance, push you to your limits and ultimately having the peace of mind that your mates are going through the same process with you at the same time.



Katie currently runs a boxercise class in Tonbridge once a week and Putney Town Rowing Club circuits every Thursday evening.  Classes are 1hr long and DEFINITELY be prepared to work hard and sweat. They are great fun, no hostility, very welcoming and relaxed classes with no pressure to perform but an attitude to turn up and workout.  


Kent: Tuesday nights: Teen & Twenty Club, Tonbridge 7:30-8:30pm

London: Thursday nights: Putney Town Rowing Club Circuits. 6:45pm-7:45pm & 7:45pm-8:45pm.  
Katie always asks for feedback so don’t be scared to share your thoughts. She also welcomes ideas towards running other classes and in other venues so if you have a suggestion don’t be shy to share!  

class et moi


Katie also provides online training. If you feel motivated enough to get yourself down a gym and workout without a PT breathing down your back but you just struggle with a training programme, this could be the ticket for you. Tailored online programmes which seek to help you have a better structure when you enter a gym could be the answer to your problems. This is delivered over a 3 month programme.